With four agents and offices in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast, PAA is known for its superior track record in contract negotiations and the close personal relationships we maintain with our clients and their families across the country. At PAA, our objective is to maximize the value of our clients’ contracts throughout their careers and secure their futures for life after football. Founded on the principles of integrity and honesty, we are trusted advisors to our clients who value our experience, preparation and enthusiasm. Our agents and advisory staff possess unique skills and credentials ranging from a variety disciplines including business, sport management, law and finance; including several former NFL players.

In addition to employing an in-house scouting and talent evaluation department, PAA has four NFLPA-certified agents: Adam M. Seifer, Philip Easton, D. Todd Williams and Daniel Cassidy.

Premier Athlete Advisors is a full service sports marketing firm that assists professional athletes — focusing on NFL players — with branding, contract negotiation, financial advising and investing, and overall mentoring. PAA’s athlete marketing services will lead to an increase in endorsements, sponsors, speaking engagements, partnerships and appearances.

What We Offer

  • Pre-Draft Preparation and Evaluation
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Marketing
  • Money Management
  • Post-Career

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