Adam is an NFLPA-certified agent who has represented athletes on and off the field for nearly 10 years and has practiced as a licensed attorney for almost two decades. Active in the Charlotte community, Adam serves on the Board of Directors of the Steve Smith Family Foundation and, together with the Foundation, has co-sponsored awareness events directed at preventing and stopping domestic violence. As an agent, Adam has negotiated numerous multimillion-dollar contracts on behalf of his clients. Armed with both an MBA and a law degree, Adam understands business and specifically, the business of being a sports agent. Adam’s success results from both his unique analytical skills as a contract negotiator and his strong working relationships with Scouts, General Managers, Sports Writers and Team Representatives at the decision-making level. A trusted industry veteran and a fierce competitor, Adam works endlessly and tirelessly to promote his clients and does not stop until he has helped his clients achieve their goals.


As a licensed attorney in New York State since 2001, Phil’s legal experience ranges from working on Federal and State litigation at a prestigious New York City law firm to drafting and negotiating contracts and settlements. In 2010, Phil was certified as a Contract Advisor by the NFLPA and immediately began representing clients in their pursuit of playing in the NFL. To date, Phil has negotiated over a dozen NFL contracts for players from the SEC, ACC, FBS, FCS and Division II programs. During his time as an NFL agent, Phil has established personal contacts and developed excellent working relationships with General Managers, Assistant General Managers, Scouts and other key front office personnel from all 32 NFL teams. Phil has a deep understanding of the NFL draft process and is relentless in maximizing his clients’ exposure to NFL teams to place them in the best position on draft day. His passion for sports and the players he represents make Phil an excellent choice for athletes determined to play at the ultimate level.


Todd was certified by the NFLPA in October of 2009 and began representing clients pursuing their football careers in the NFL, CFL, indoor leagues and Europe. Todd is a licensed attorney in the State of Michigan since June, 1995 and licensed in the State of Illinois since 1996. Todd attended Wayne State University in Detroit, where he was a member of the football team from 1985 to 1989 playing WR, Safety and Special Teams. Todd became a NFLPA-certified agent and started DTW Sports because of his love of football and the NFL. His understanding of the game and more importantly the personal sacrifice each player makes in body and soul makes Todd the right agent to assist players in reaching their goals. Todd has represented and executed dozens of NFL contracts and marketing deals on behalf of those clients creating lasting relationships with NFL executives and Coaches.


Dan, a licensed attorney in New York, has been in practice since 1992. A trial lawyer and mediator with more than 25 years of experience negotiating multi-million dollar cases, he is the president of the Bronx bar association. His commitment to the community dovetails perfectly with his commitment to the “whole client”, not just the athlete. Having taught negotiation and cross-examination to other trial attorneys, he brings his high level of experience to the sports arena. As a former D1 defensive back and all-American decathlete and pentathlete, Dan understands the concerns of the elite athlete, and he works tirelessly to assist each client in reaching his dream.



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