PAA is a full service agency, meaning that we are there every step of the way and whether it is contract negotiation or putting on football camps or setting up charitable foundations, there is nothing too big or too small for us to assist our clients with.

We provide the necessary support structure year round that our clients need to succeed before, during, as well as after their professional football career. It begins with pre-draft and Combine preparation, general advice and mentoring on the transition from college to professional life (both on and off the field), and extends to the day-to-day support that all successful professional athletes are seeking.

How We Maximize Your Potential

Pre-Draft Preparation and Evaluation:
Our team will provide you with everything you need to be prepared for the NFL Combine, interviews, media requests, and your pro day. We provide our rookie clients with the best possible draft training in the nation. This includes strength training, speed and agility training, position and Combine drill instruction with former or current NFL players and coaches, flexibility and rehab care, Wonderlic and interview preparation, nutrition and lodging. We set up a different plan for each client, depending on what that client’s needs are and what they need to improve upon. We know how important it is to perform well at College All-Star games, the NFL Combine, pro days and individual pre-draft workouts. We ensure that our clients are better prepared than any of their competitors. While our clients are doing what they need to do to vault up teams’ draft boards, we are working behind the scenes to promote our clients to all 32 teams through our vast network of contacts.
Contract Negotiations
With over 50 successful NFL contracts worth nearly $250,000,000, you can trust the team at PAA to negotiate the best deal for you every time. The PAA team has over 50 years of combined experience, and we possess strong relationships with scouts, coaches and GMs. The PAA team has a thorough understanding of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement and salary cap, and we use our experience, knowledge, network of connections and unparalleled approach to doing our due diligence and research to aggressively negotiate contracts that create financial security for our clients.
We understand that every player is unique and therefore, our goal is to develop a unique brand identity for each individual player. In addition to having some of the top degrees available such as MBAs, JDs, and LLMs from some of the top universities in the world, our team has vast working experience in various fields before joining PAA. As such, our level of connections and contact in the PAA Network is equal to or better than many of our big firm competitors. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with some of the world’s largest companies, and our long-standing media relationships reach from ESPN to local beat writers across the country. We work in conjunction with teams, advertisers, and the media to develop an athlete’s marketability and brand both on and off the field. We regularly secure our clients trading card deals, autograph and appearance fees, shoe/apparel deals, cell phone deals and food/beverage deals to name a few.
Money Management
We understand that proper financial planning is essential to our clients’ success. Assessment and setting goals provide our clients with financial security during their careers and beyond.


  • Personalized Support Services and crisis management
  • Community Relations
  • Specialized Training / Off Season Training
  • Supplementary VIP services like travel arrangements and assisting with real estate/relocation assistance, car and jewelry purchases.
  • Social Media Planning & Oversight
  • Event Creation & Management
  • Charitable Foundation Oversight
  • Post career planning & counseling
  • Legal Services
  • Football Camps
  • Financial & Tax Services
  • Insurance Assistance



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